City&Lab is not a project, but a way of cooperating and sharing – a collaboration concept with a shared portfolio of projects with a common goal;


Our partners and friends are involved in the different projects under City&Lab, and the projects have their own steering committees and economy separated from City&Lab. But to ensure the best possible learning and use of resources, City&Lab offers an organized 4 helix collaboration for sharing and development across disciplines. City&Lab is organized into work teams, a steering committee, test sites, a toolbox and a project portfolio.

The work team

Coordinates the project portfolio to assure correlation, communication, sharing, and cooperation between projects, and that the projects are in accordance with City&Lab values, vision and goals.

We come from different disciplines from business and different levels of government, but practice a horizontal structure. This challenges us in our communication and understanding of each others perspective, and challenges us in methods for reaching common goals.

We do this because we believe diversity gives us greater learning outcome.

Elisabeth Skuggevik

Statens Vegvesen


Olav Madland

Applied Autonomy AS


Ingar Vaskinn

Kongsberg Municipality


Steering committee

The steering committee consist of The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Kongsberg Municipality, Directorate of Public Roads, Kongsberg Innovation, ITS-Norway and Viken County Municipality.

The steering committee is an advisory body representing the owners of the cooperation on behalf of its organizations. The Board receives its governance mandate through joint ownership, with associated obligations, to City&Lab.

The cooperation board's responsibilities or management mandate can be described as follows:

• Responsible for the success or failure of the collaboration

• Provide uniform guidance to the concept

• Provide visible and sustained support to the working group

• Together and individually contribute to integration between collaboration and functional units in the affected businesses

• Provide resources and other tools and ensure that this remains available for collaboration in accordance with the values, goals and plans adopted

• Ensure effective decision making, including establishing an understanding of the collaborative model and responsibilities that attach to each decision point

• Ensure effective communication both within the group, towards the collaboration and to external stakeholders

DOCUMENTATION (in Norwegian)

Styringsmandat TAK By&Lab.pdf

Management mandate

Forstudie TAK By&Lab.pdf

Preliminary study

Signert avtale TK ByogLab.pdf

Cooperation agreement

By&Lab styringsdokument.pdf

Governance document

TAK By&Lab-Styringsgruppe 1-19 Referat.pdf

Report 1/2019

TAK By&Lab -Styringsgruppe 2-19 Referat.pdf

Report 2/2019

TAK By&Lab -Styringsgruppe 3-19 Referat.pdf

Report 3/2019

TAK By&Lab -Styringsgruppe 4- 19 Referat.pdf

Report 4/2019

TAK By.Lab -Styringsgruppe 1-2020- Referat.pdf

Report 1/2020

TAK By.Lab -Styringsgruppe 4-2020-Referat.docx

Report 18.11.2020


We believe in enhanced results, creativity, and joy through sharing and cooperation. We believe we perform well if our partners performs well, and we are always looking for more partners to join. Our “sandbox” is continuously growing – if you want to contribute to our goals you are very welcome to join!