The Office

The Office is a collective name for meeting places and channels for information and feedback. This is where you can learn more about our projects, give us your input and perspective on how we work, what we do well or might have overlooked, what we could do better, new opportunities or projects, or people we need to meet.

In order to utilize the potential of new technology trends, it is necessary to gain knowledge of how the trends can reinforce each other if they are seen in context – a synergy of advanced technology from previously separate domains, such as mechanical, electrical, optical and digital. New elements and high implementation speed will be the building blocks of the new age. This requires that everyone involved, state as well as private actors, must withhold a holistic view, and work out uniform solutions regulated by common goals.

Urban sustainable mobility

It is those who work in the fields of urban planning and sustainable mobility who is familiar with the challenges. That does not imply that a corresponding overview of possible solutions and «tools» are available. It may be beneficial to work trans- and multidisciplinary to develop technology targeted to handle the challenges, for improved and more effective goal attainments. We also recognize that a good dialogue with the people who work and live in Kongsberg is essential for developing smart solutions.

This requires research, in the form of piloting, cooperation, and development.

City&Lab encourages independent research of our projects, reports and results.