Open Test Site

The open test site in Kongsberg city is a defined route from the hub (train, bus, and taxi) to the technology park (2.2 km). The «office» is alongside Krona, Kongsberg's Knowledge and Culture Park, in the middle of the route.

The test site is in open city space with city- and pedestrian streets and residential areas, meaning that the buses are operating in the presence of cars, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, and goods delivery.

Road safety and universal design is a premise in all testing i our open test sites.

In City&Lab we make autonomous buses and other autonomous machines tackle actual urban infrastructure in all seasons, with all groups of road users. We try not to change the infrastructure, but rather make the buses and machines handle what is there.

The long term goal is to be able to offer a public transport system from door to door, at reduced prices.

Combined with the development of a control centre platform, the open test site is also a test site for efficiency of road maintenance and self-driving vehicles with sensors and C-ITS.

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