The Laboratories

City&Lab comprise different «Laboratories». The various laboratories can be wholly or partly introduced in other cities. Some labs may be shared among cities, others are more suited to be managed by one city alone.

City&Lab is designed to maximize profit from knowledge sharing and joint work.

The idea... to synergize knowledge in sustainable urban planning and the opportunities in development of technology, in order to create more efficient solutions and to contribute to the desired quality in the increasing population density.

The goal... to tackle global challenges such as demographic changes, digitization, urbanization, and climate change, using a multi- and transdisciplinary approach.

The concept... to facilitate collective cooperation amongst inhabitants, business, college/university and all levels of public administration, making each other better equipped to take on the challenges involved in sustainable urban development.

The possibilities...

...are many – and working together towards common goals makes the process more enjoyable, and generates greater rewards.